Co-Curricular Activities

For all round development of a student competitions, cultural activities, sports and celebrations related to nursing like W.H.O. ,Nurses day, Red Cross day and educational visits to various health centers are organized time to time.

Health Programme

Medical examination is conducted at the time of admission as well as every year.


well ventilated hostel for girls including mess facilities.

Bus Facility

Institute provide conveyance facilities by buses for clinical training / Institute.

Computer and Laboratory :

The College has separate computer lab for the students with sufficient Computers, Labs and faculty offices are equipped with networked computers, which facilitate electronic communication between faculty and students. Students also use the computer lab to complete their assignment using word processing software, databases, statistical program and graphical interfaces.

Rules & Regulations

  • Students should behave in orderly, disciplined and dignified manner in the institute campus/hostel premises/in public.
  • Students carry their Identity card issued by the Institute all the time & the same be produced on demand by concerned person/Authority.
  • Wearing of prescribed uniform is mandatory for students on all working days and during training/technical visits.
  • Ragging in the institute/hostel is strictly prohibited. Library books will only be issued on presence of library cards issued by the institute.
  • Institute, Library & Hostel rules shall be strictly adhered to. Defaulters are liable for penalty as per respective rules of the institute.
  • Due care of Institute/Hostel property shall be taken by the user including laboratories, equipments and allied items
  • Students will have to pay for repairs/replacement of the Institute/Hostel property damage or lost due to their carelessness.
  • Smoking, Chewing of tobacco, gutka and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the institute campus, hostel and in public.
  • Any Change of Address must be inform in writing to the institute office.
  • The personal belongings/Valuable of the students, either in the hostel or in the Institute’s campus should be safeguarded by the student only. Institute will not be responsible for the loss or damage caused to them.